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Textually Active

A text story submitted by: CREATV_LE

What does it mean to be "Textually Active"? Well heres a little story ..

Wind blowing softly through the trees I sit out back relaxing as my friend is cooking on the grill. That familiar little "ring" of my phone sounds off a new text message. I smile with anticipation to read what you have sent as my friend turns with spatula in hand and says "stop being so textually active... your gonna catch a virus"! He smiles flipping a burger as I chuckle a bit .. I exclaim "WHAT"!? followed by a real world "LOL".

My attention focuses on your text. Its always a small delight with a dash of cheer when I know its you. We've only know each other for a short time but have so much in common. I begin to think of our first seemingly common texts.. the simple greetings, good morings, how are you's, good nights, and an occasional "hey hun" followed with the many =P smiley :) faces ;) . It was all so new and exciting.. texting someone new. Oh so incredibly briefly introducing ourselves with basic run downs as to who we were, what kind of bullishiznit we had been through, and what we were looking for in someone else. This was new territory for you and I. Our paths had crossed and the texts began to fly.

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap small countries in a single bound, not Super Man silly :P.. "Smile O Gram" texts were sent your way as they bounced off distant unseen satellites. When skies were gray I'd text to brighten your day. You returned the same :) with an occasional flirt ;) or 2. Id meant to be cute that first date by texting you that "flower" pic... Um I kind of dropped the ball and texted it to you afterward. No matter the chemistry was good and the texting continued. Hellos, goodbyes, good mornings, good nights.. after two or three days I was stunned as I realized that texting wise that if this were one of those fun carnival races where you point the water things to pop the balloon.. then you just won! Almost 700 texts .. um.. wow! LOL.

Texting with you advanced several levels and many subjects were explored. Given the serious potential for loss of meaning and miscommunication we did pretty good most of the time. I explained how my "people picker" was broken.. and how I seemed 2 pick the wrong ones :/ You text of your nine year marriage to an alcoholic with a tendency to be verbally abusive. My heart went out to you in so many ways as each text shed light on your apparent kind heart.

Snap back to reality a burger sizzles, a squirrel dashes through the leaves and up a nearby tree. Yup.. it had happened.. dam! Textually active for about a week and well.. it had happened. I caught a virus! "Always use protection" I thought silently to myself with a solitary LOL". I had caught the "IM - FALLIN - 4U" virus and boy was this a whopper.. stage 3 I believe lol. Some PPL get off easy when they catch a virus and just get "flu like symptoms"... but NOoo. That would have been 2 easy. My friend had called it.. BINGO!.. I shouted in my head as if I had been waiting @ DMV for 2 hours.. "textually active and caught a flippin VIRUS! Friends don't let friends be "Textually Active" ..well at least not with out protection LOL.

Ok. Now being a rational thinking person I was now fully grasping the situation. Slowly cultivating an outstretched hand while whispering the first but not the second "L" word (Like not Love) can be a slippery slope when your heart is in the other hand but a necessary one none the less. You almost need a third hand for defense LOL. Either way everything was cool and we seemed to be on the same text.. er.. um page. Thank God because for all of the now surpassing 1000 texts you seemed just like the type of person that I was looking for. You were kind, sweet, smart, cute, and .. you can bake cookies ;) As for myself.. I'm quite a catch 2 ;) and not bad lookin :P hehe!

Texting @ 1300 and counting.. the familiar dull finger tapping on the full query keyboard, the sweet sounds of new text messages, and the sharp blue letters lighting up seemed almost like a cool new game.. and this was the best interactive game because it was with the opposite sex LOL. I was being a gentlemen until you tossed the ball n2 my court late that night.. P.S. "you started it" ;) and yes I may have been flirting with you that night.. "Textually" speaking of course.. I would begin by whispering sweet things that only your ears could hear.. whispering sweet nothings upon my breath gently to your ears as I lightly grace your skin while mild waves of goose bumps race across your neck ;) .. subtle waves of emotions sweep from one end of your body to the tips of your.. um well you've got a good imagination I'm sure ;) Ok.. so "textually active" hits the SMS message right on the head right about now LOL. Just remember you started it!

So if your still reading your probably wondering wow what happened next LOL? Well my friend was right.. being "Textually Active" eventually lead me to catching the "IM - FALLIN - 4U" virus and as happens more often then not when you begin 2 sprinkle that magic fairy dust called trust on your heart something brown hits the fan and your hopes get dashed LOL. She had some personal issues pop up and we both viewed this as a sign. On the flip side I truly don't know the full scope of the situation and it is a reasonable possibility that I could have been played. Either way we are all here to learn and God has a plan for all of us. It was not meant for her and I to walk the texting path hand and hand so to speak any longer. Best of luck to you N. :)  you graced me with your smile and showed me someone that I'd like to meet one day. For the "Textually Active" record I had begun to like you and did shed a tear as the texting grew silent :( part of being sensitive I guess LOL. NE way this site was made by an artist (myself) because I felt the need to turn a negative into a positive.. and VWOLAH! walla walla bing bang a web site offering FREE um.. PicD4UByMe Textually Active Images, FREE Textually Active flirt SMS text message ideas ;-P, and Funny Textually Active videos for the "Textually Active" cell phone users out there was born LOL! Enjoy ;-)

So what is "Textually Active"? ..Oh and this 1 time WHILE TEXTING (not @ Band Camp u perve :P ).. um no LOL.
Its the anticipation of a long awaited embrace.. the anticipation of a gentle kiss.. the anticipation of a lover's touch.. the anticipation of an.. oooh yes!.. and oh yeah.. the anticipation of a text ;)

Happy Texting, Responsible SMS usage, and always always ALWAYS practice "Safe Text" hehe! =)

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